As a mother of two young boys, I know first-hand the trials and tribulations of family picture day. My method is to let the littles run free. We’ll spin and jump and tickle. And we’ll capture true smiles instead of the forced version for the strange lady behind the camera. Our focus will be on fun and connections. It will be easier than you think — pinky swear.

these are your people.

There’s something really special about capturing a family right in this moment, right in this place. Where bedhead appears bedside too early in the morning. Where boo-boos are kissed. And snuggles are... snugged. Where rules are made (and broken). Where beds are jumped on. And messes are made. Where meals are shared. And dreams are shared. Where tantrums are survived. And where love is waiting in every corner.

this is your home.



30 minutes
10 digital images

60 to 90 minutes
50 digital images


~3 hours documentary
all digital images

includes hardcover book of select images or print credit

limited day/location


Ready? let's do this. 

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